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In 2009 I became a vegetarian after watching the documentary Food Inc. Shortly after I started recipes4health as a hobby to share my vegetarian recipes. When I went to college, I gained the freshman 15. That spiraled me to do weight watchers, go low carb and macro count to loose that weight. My gut began to react negatively to all of the food restriction (which I didn’t know at the time). I took a food intolerance test that showed I was intolerant to eggs, soy & beef. Being a vegetarian, that took away my protein source. I went complete vegan & got very ill. Nevertheless, I did cut out those ingredients for a total 3 years hoping it will heal my gut. Little did I know, I was destroying my gut bacteria balance. My gut health had gotten so bad that I would be nervous to eat anything cuz it would hurt my stomach… has anyone else felt that way?
Everything changed in 2019 when my husband & I traveled to Europe. I made a promise to myself to re-introduce all of the foods I omitted from my diet for the last 10 years as I had a hunch my gut health was directly related. I ate hamburgers, eggs, baked goods, soy, tons of bread, the list goes on. When I returned to the US I was inspired by the fact that I actually felt great. The last year has been eye opening in many ways; I have more energy, my gut health has improved drastically & I am working on removing food fears emotionally weighing me down.
Today, my diet includes a little bit of everything. To me plant based means 80% of my food comes from plants. The other 20% comes non-plants. Yes I eat meat, fish, eggs, cheese, gluten & sugar. It’s just what works for my lifestyle. It makes me happy. I eat what I want to eat, when I want to eat it. LET’S SAY GOODBYE TO THE FOOD RULES, THE LABELS, THE JUDGEMENT OF WHAT SOCIETY TELLS US WE SHOULD OR SHOULDN’T EAT 🌈 Just eat what makes you feel good!! No judgement on anyone. Bio-freaking-individuality 👏🏼

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  1. I love this post! I 💯 % agree with intuitive eating! I’m mostly vegan, there are times I will eat some non vegan things! I have to admit that my body feels better when I do but there are certain things I know my body needs from time to time that aren’t vegan, and I think it’s important to listen to what are bodies are telling us. It’s a shame that that people can be so judge mental. Thanks for posting this! I live it! ♥️🙏👌🏼🌱

  2. This is awesome! We eat a lot alike when it comes to being well balanced and mostly plant based. These types of post are truly eye opening to those who need it. 👏🏻 @recipes4health

  3. Love this. Same. Exact. Process. Took me 5 years to realize I couldn’t (emotionally) cut all sugar or carbs, keto was not good for me. I have a dairy sensitivity that I found a year ago and NOW…. I feel amazing. Finally.

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