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SUGAR FREE SUBSTITUTESMany of you are joining & I on this starting Monday, May…

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SUGAR FREE SUBSTITUTES🍭Many of you are joining @_naturalnourishment & I on this starting Monday, May 11th. If you haven’t watched my stories, def tune in cuz I’m sharing all of my tips, tricks, substitutes & meal ideas for eliminating processed sugar for the next 7 days! Are you in for the challenge?
Foods to look out for when going sugar-free + swaps!
• yogurt👉🏼opt for plain yogurt vs flavored, just add your own fruit!
• granola👉🏼store bought granola can hide processed sugar, if you make your own at home so you can control the sugar OR just opt for mixed nuts like I did in this bowl above!
• condiments👉🏼just remember to look at the labels for salad dressings, ketchup & bbq sauce.
• chocolate chips👉🏼many chocolate chips have added sugar but I’ve found a few brands that make chips out of 100% chocolate or use cacao nibs instead! It may be bitter on its own, but mix it into baked goods, oats or yogurt & it works!
• bread👉🏼 many store bought brands contain hidden sugars, just read the ingredients!
• plant based milk👉🏼 try opting for plain vs vanilla. OR even make your own with my homemade oat milk recipe up on the blog!
• nut butters👉🏼many not butters contain added sugar, just read the ingredients to go for the ones without any added sugar!
Added sugar-free sweet potato breakfast bowl➡️ boiled sweet potato + @so_delicious dairy free plain coconut yogurt + homemade roasted nuts (pumpkin seeds + walnuts + pecans) + banana + strawberries + blueberries + @barneybutter almond butter + cinnamon

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