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NO BAKE CHEESECAKE BITESrecipe adopted & tweaked from my friend (these are dair…

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✨NO BAKE CHEESECAKE BITES✨recipe adopted & tweaked from my friend @learningfrombalance (these are dairy free, vegan, gluten free). Ever since I learned about my egg allergy, I had to give up one of my fav desserts: cheesecake 😭. Yesterday, I decided to recreate this recipe to fit my dietary preference so I can still enjoy that flavor & texture. Let me tell ya, this did not disappoint. Even my cheesecake loving husband highly approved these little bites. His words exactly, “OH MY GOSH THESE ARE SO GOOD.” Are there any foods you would like re-created? Drop a comment below & I’ll get going!
1️⃣ Line a muffin tin with parchment paper muffin liners.
2️⃣ CRUST: Place one @emmysorganics vanilla bean flavored coconut cookie into each muffin tin. Press down really hard with your fingers or a cup to spread out. Place in the freezer for 15 minutes while you make your filling.
3️⃣ FILLING: Blend together 1 cup of soaked cashews (soaked in water overnight, then discard the water) + 1/4 cup @malkorganics almond milk + 1/4 cup maple syrup + 1 tbsp coconut oil + juice of 1/2 lemon + 2 tsp vanilla extract + pinch of cinnamon for about 1 minute until smooth.
4️⃣ Remove the crust from the freezer, add equal amounts of filling into each cup. Then place back in the freezer for about 30-60 min. Enjoy chilled!
**makes 6 cheesecake bites😉

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  1. Can’t wait to try these. I’m plant based but have a beautiful Vegan daughter in law #ivegotthebeet….can’t wait for her to see these! If you have a redone recipe for a successful pecan pie I would love it before holidays roll around again. Mine was horrific and was just like tar from the pits that killed the diinosaurs!!

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